Retirement Homes, Assisted Living & Healthcare Facilities

Types of property that would qualify for a loan:

  • Retirement Homes
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Surgical Centers

With the baby boomer population steadily shifting towards retirement age, it won’t be long before a surge in retirement home demand is on the cards. Given the state of the elderly care industry, the landscape on which these businesses are based is certainly in for shake up in the near future.

The reality is that the current supply of rest homes already falls short of the demand out there for them. In an investors eyes, this imbalance could represent a significant cash flow opportunity.

Indeed, retirement home and other healthcare facilities investing is another fundamentally unique type of asset, with major building specifications and requirements needed to ensure the operation of the occupying business. Here at Guardian, we provide the following services which may be of tremendous support to investors interested in such an acquisition:

– Investment Planning & Strategy.

As mentioned above, the retirement home industry is expanding at a rate of knots. However, this fact alone is not enough to ensure your retirement home investment will yield an above average return. Guardian Commercial Lending helps by providing sound advice, and strategically customized lending products.

– Competitive Rates & Structures.

Why would you want to pay above market interest rates for below market service? The answer is – “you wouldn’t”! That’s why we structure our loans and applicable interest rates by analyzing each investment on a case by case basis.

Perhaps that’s why so many investors turn to Guardian Commercial Lending to satisfy even their most complicated and sophisticated financing needs.

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