Hard Money


If time or credit scores are against you, a hard money loan from Guardian Commercial Lending may just be your financing lifeline. For those who haven’t heard of the term “hard money”, let’s get you up to speed.

As you will already know, a traditional commercial loan is based around a particular investor’s liquid assets, current income, and ability to satisfy the repayments of a particular amount. Unfortunately, this leaves very little room for movement in “special” situations, or unique circumstances.

To get around the standardized and highly strung criteria of a conventional commercial loan, Guardian offers a product called a “hard money loan”, which focuses its acceptance criteria on the applicants current real estate holdings, and their equity stakes in such assets only.

Any resulting loan under this category will have the following features:

– Secured with asset collateral
– Faster loan turnaround time (less paperwork)
– Higher rate of interest
– Greater acceptance rate

The tradeoff for such a service is the higher interest rate, representing the inability to rapidly liquidate, and the potentially high cost of selling the collateral assets in a worst case scenario.

In most cases, hard money loans are sought through Guardian Commercial Lending in the following situations:

– Time Sensitive Projects
– Collaborative Collateral (many low value properties combined)
– Credit Score Issues
– Buyouts, Takeovers, Foreclosure Prevention

If a hard money loan sounds appropriate to your needs, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful lending representatives today for a no obligation discussion.

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